Curated selections of readings and media related to notable author(s), collectives, or topics.
  • Fernando Zalamea – Transmodernism

    Fernando Zalamea proposes a project which weaves together strands of the modern and postmodern, the rational and the romantic into a synthetic universality, endlessly revisable and updatable. He nominates “Transmodernity” as the term which encompasses our unfolding epoch. Underpinned by his training in mathematics and logic, Zalamea draws upon a wide cosmopolitan tradition, harnessing the creative power of what he calls “real” mathematics to transit disparate domains of culture and the arts in a relentless synechism.

  • Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams – Inventing the Future

    In 2013, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams released “#Accelerate: A Manifesto for Accelerationist Politics”. At once both a critical rejoinder to the predominant tactics of the contemporary left, and a demand for broader strategic planning, “#Accelerate” provided a bold new frame of reference for leftist organization. Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work expands and develops the ideas introduced in “#Accelerate”, while clarifying the authors’ commitment to a revitalized left based upon concrete demands and sound strategic planning.

  • Laboria Cuboniks – Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation

    Xenofeminism culls the DNA of feminisms past and present, splicing them with Prometheanism to form a new monster, one whose feminism wields the discarded armaments of modernism against the insipid neoliberalism of recent identity politics and demands a collective resurgence of the alienated. Rather than forsaking the position of alienation as undesirable, the Xenofeminist manifesto embraces it as a frame for construction, wagering its protean ambition on the transversal and synthetic potential of a groundless universalism.